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Notting Hill Residence 2

Joint Overall Residential Winner


Notting Hill Residence

Qatar Private Villa 10

Joint Overall Residential Winner

Katharine Pooley

Quarter Private Villa

Faceted House 1

Space Planning Winner

Paul McAneary Architects

Faceted House

C5100 Lift Oven 3

Product Winner


C5100 Lift Oven

Chelsea Townhouse 3

Interior Design Project Under £25,000 Winner

Maurzio Pellizzoni Design

Chelsea Townhouse

Barrowgate Project 3

KBB Project/Product Winner


Barrowgate Project

House on the Sea 2

Visualisation Winner

Nataly Bolshakova

House on the Sea

The Knightsbridge 2

Interior Design Project Over £25,000 Winner

1508 London

The Kinghtsbridge

Bentley Head Office 2

Overall Contract Winner


Bentley Head Office

2012 Winners 2

Entertainment Space Winner


Viet Hoa Mess Restaurant

Mercedes Benz Autohaus 5

Lighting & Sound Winner

Studio Lux

Mercedes Benz Autohaus

Horizontal Shower 1

Product Winner


Horizontal Shower

Arkhe Beauty Salon 1

Joint Commercial Space Winner

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Arkhe Beauty Salon

Modern Garden 7

Joint Commercial Space Winner

Kris Lin Interior Design

Modern Garden

Ferndene Children and Young People's Centre 12

Innovation & Budget Winner

Medical Architecture

Ferndene Children and Young People's Centre