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Project Details


Interior Design Project Over £25,000 Winner

Design Practice:

1508 London

Project Title:

The Knightsbridge

Project Location:

London, UK

Design Practice Location:

London, UK
The Knightsbridge 2

Our brief was to act on behalf of a UHNWI who was looking to invest in a prime central London property for development and re-sale, creating a unique and exquisite interior that would maximise return on investment. 1508 London identified an un-modernised, three bedroom apartment in 199 The Knightsbridge which offered an ideal prospect based on the asking price and the established nature of the building in a prime London area.
The next step was to create a considered and intelligent design response that was respectful to the inherent character of the building but that would also maximise the development opportunity for market sale. Finally, they were also required to enhance the design by developing a strategy for FF&E, bespoke art and furniture commissions.

From the outset, 1508 London worked on a concept that was a holistic reaction to the pre-existing structure of the building. The building is flooded with light from the window wall which creates pockets of darkness deep within the interior and so a design evolved that utilised the refraction of light, both natural and artificial, present throughout every facet of the apartment. This is echoed throughout the interior; permeating all elements of the design including joinery, artwork, materials and furniture. The design subtly takes you on a journey through the apartment and highlights and prioritises that interplay of light. The aim of the additional layer of the dialogue between the joinery elements with the overall interior and several collaborations with external artisans was to create a powerful design narrative, taking the viewer on a subtle journey through the apartment. The key forms are linear and clear. Materials are controlled to support the narrative and they have been chosen for their strength and impact or their ability to quietly compliment the features surrounding them.

Furniture links and divides the spaces; addresses the core and the open spaces and brings legible order to the materiality. Furniture has been considered with the overall concept in mind. Where key pieces are used as powerful statements for this and secondary pieces form an elegant background.

The Knightsbridge 2
The Knightsbridge 5
The Knightsbridge 6
The Knightsbridge 7
The Knightsbridge 8
The Knightsbridge 9
The Knightsbridge 11
The Knightsbridge 4
The Knightsbridge 3