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Master of Design & Industry Hero Awards

Launched in 2017, the SBID Master of Design award recognises professional interior designers who have, across their career, made significant contributions to the global interior design industry through innovation and expertise; raising the overall standards of design. Whilst SBID has built a global platform to reward the best in creativity and quality design, the Industry Hero award was launched to honour the industry sector that has supported and facilitated those steps for industry growth.

Master of Design

Presented during the SBID International Design Awards, the title of SBID Master of Design is a tremendous accolade to recognise and reflect the practitioners’ professional achievements and revere those within the interior design industry who have shaped and enhanced their specific sector.

Previous Masters include David Chang, founder & chief designer, David Chang Design Associates International; Liang Jianguo, founder, Beijing Newsdays Architectural Design; Kinney Chan, founder, Kinney Chan & Associates; Ju Bin, founder & chief executive design director, Horizontal Design; Kot Ge, founder & art director, LSDCASA & Zaizao; Qu Guangci, founder & artistic director at X+Q.

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Industry Hero

The public relations companies, journalists, publishing houses and individuals who promote the interior design community will now have a platform of their own. SBID are proud to present the Industry Hero Award to stand alongside the Fellow of the Year – a success story for influential figures supporting the creative industries.

The Industry Hero award will be presented annually to a person who has supported change and diversity, stood up for correctness and transparency and is commercially driven to develop the industry. This accolade is open to publishers, bloggers, PR companies, behind the scenes networks and individuals who support and work in the world of interior design.

Masters of Design
Chris Godfrey UK

Chris Godfrey UK

Master of Design 2019

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David Chang Canada

David Chang Canada

Master of Design 2018

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Inaugural Masters China

Inaugural Masters China

Master of Design 2017

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SBID receives nominations for many outstanding practitioners and individuals to be recognised with these prestigious awards. The nominee panel considers all applications carefully, bestowing the titles to professionals whose actions have contributed greatly to the interior design industry.

Do you know someone who deserves the title of SBID Master of Design or Industry Hero?

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SBID Award Ceremony

SBID Awards 2021

Entries for the 2021 edition of the SBID International Design Awards are now closed.

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