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Project Details


Interior Design Project Under £25,000

Design Practice:

Maurzio Pellizzoni Design

Project Title:

Chelsea Townhouse

Project Location:

London, UK

Design Practice Location:

London, UK
Chelsea Townhouse 3

This project was designed for a high-profile young couple. Although they are widely known to lead an extravagant lifestyle the aim was to create an understated design using luxury finishes, bespoke furniture and smart furnishings.  The design draws on elements of the Ralph Lauren lifestyle while at the same time responding to the particular requirements of the client. The work was essentially a cosmetic overhaul as no structural work was required. Key elements of the design include the classically styled open-plan living room, the tranquil colour schemes and a well-considered mix of commissioned furniture, personal items and antiques to give the house a lived-in feel.

Chelsea Townhouse 3
Chelsea Townhouse 8
Chelsea Townhouse 7
Chelsea Townhouse 6
Chelsea Townhouse 5
Chelsea Townhouse 4
Chelsea Townhouse 9
Chelsea Townhouse 2
Chelsea Townhouse 10