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Bentley Head Office

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London, UK
Bentley Head Office 2

The brief was to create a contemporary and luxurious space with key storytelling elements, Bentley craftsmanship & materials, and a series of intimate destinations within the space to entertain and engage visitors. The scope of the project also included designing a Bentley Boutique store, to sell Bentley branded merchandise and partner brand luxury goods.


The design process began with an immersion into the unique character and heritage of the Bentley brand and product. Inspiration was taken from Bentley’s powerful design and performance, individual styling, personalisation and exquisite quality.


The creative team started with a complete re-planning of the reception and surrounding space, creating a journey along a series of engaging destinations and making the most efficient use of the area by creating a new customer meeting room from previously redundant storage and back office space. Taking design cues from Bentley cars, the scheme was based around a series of curves and circular forms, planned around the building’s iconic sweeping staircase.


The Boutique is perhaps the most significant element of the scheme as this will form the blueprint for Bentley’s merchandise retail offer in dealerships and standalone stores in the years to come. A modular and flexible shopfitting system was incorporated into beautiful bespoke showcase cabinetry, finished in oak veneer leather, inset chrome and paint lacquer.

Bentley Head Office 2
Bentley Head Office 1
Bentley Head Office 3
Bentley Head Office 4
Bentley Head Office 5
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