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Viet Hoa Mess Restaurant

Project Location:

London, UK

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London, UK
2012 Winners 1

VONSUNG was commissioned to create and design a new restaurant concept called, VIET HOA MESS, which strips out the over-attended service offering exclusivity and indulgence at a high price, but a more do-it-yourself, efficient and simple hospitality. There are no delays, fuss or frills, buck-passing mentality: the new luxury is removing all elements that customers do not want.  Simply put, it is a Do-It-Yourself steak house.


The Mess is one of those slightly complex scheme for which exploded axonometric drawings are perfect, and which VONSUNG  duly provided. It elegantly describes the main elements of the restaurant: two staggered, interlinked and very different restaurant forms (Cafe and Mess) connected by a central theme. The connection of the two restaurants is marked by the main 5 meter feature stone wall, and leads from the ground floor to the new underground restaurant. The overall impression is of two buildings that are rubbing past each other.

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