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Project Details


Visualisation Winner

Design Practice:

Nataly Bolshakova

Project Title:

House on the Sea

Design Practice Location:

Kiev, Ukraine
House on the Sea 2

The construction site of this house is located in the picturesque outskirt of Kiev, Ukraine, at the cape above the Kiev sea surrounded by gullies with 35-meter high cliff. No neighbours around, just the world created specifically for the client and the nature itself. The house is of 2,5 000 sq.m. The owner actively participated in 2-year long architectural project for the house, aiming to “live through in thoughts in his own mansion and discover what kind of space is needed for comfort life here by his family”.

The clients passed the project to the interior designer and requested to create a real interior with an open stunning nature view, agreeing even to move, if necessary, the window positions.

The client went for minimalistic style, very elegant, laconic and even cool design with minimum objects and accents, bright both in form and design. The client decided the shared spaces to be white in colour and the bright accents in the living room are 6-meter windows for the viewer to perceive themselves as a part of the nature.

A digital grand piano Whaletone by Robert Majkut is specifically turned into bright interior object in the master reception. The client requested a centrally located bath by Philippe Starck  in the master bathroom.

House on the Sea 2
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