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C5100 Lift Oven

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Bristol, UK
C5100 Lift Oven 3

Caple’s new sense oven, the C5100 Lift, is the epitome of intelligent thinking in kitchen design and demonstrates the next big trend in kitchens where pop-up appliances are joining the latest kitchen pop-up extractors.

The C5100 Lift oven comes with three telescopic glass shelves and is electronically controlled to rise from beneath the kitchen work surface. Leave it in this position to grill using the Salamander grill in polished stainless steel or you can lower it down to its original position to roast and bake. With 13 programmes, this multi-functional oven is operated using a touch-control panel in the counter top, which includes features such as pizza baking and bread making.

C5100 Lift Oven 3
C5100 Lift Oven 5
C5100 Lift Oven 4