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Stage 1: The Technical Panel 

SBID understands that while design, when it works well, can lift the spirit and inspire, design is not merely a veneer that pleases the eye. In order for a building, product or even an idea to be deemed ‘well-designed’, it must be function well and be fit for purpose in addition to having aesthetic value.

The SBID International Design Awards celebrate all aspects of great design, from aesthetics to functionality.

For this reason, the first round of the three-tier judging system is assessed by a specially selected technical panel of experts. Each entry is subject to close scrutiny. This will include ensuring every entry adheres to industry standards and fit for purpose. Any entries that do not meet the technical standards will not go forward to the next stage of judging.

This initial stage is crucial as it means we can truly and proudly affirm that all eventual finalists and winners have attained the highest possible standards across all areas. Thanks to the professionalism of all our judges, the SBID International Design Awards genuinely celebrate excellence in design.

Sarah Radif

Associate Professor Professional Practice

Head of Architecture and Design atSouthampton Solent University

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David Doyle

Fire Safety Inspector

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Eva Greenspan

Lawyer / Architect / Chairman of Planning

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Andrew Rolfe

Lawyer – Real Estate/Finance

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