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Project Details


Residential Product Winner

Design Practice:

Fameed Khalique

Project Title:

LcD Collection

Design Practice Location:

London, UK
LcD Collection 6

The LcD textile collection by Luc Druez at Fameed Khalique is a limited edition of ‘hijacked’ fabrics made from reclaimed technical fibres. These awe- inspiring materials are produced in small-scale specialist workshops in Belgium, France and Italy for use in private home decoration, haute couture and interior design. Their fantastical forms also lend themselves to wider creative use: in the hotel industry, for window dressing, restaurants, theatres, and for accessories, clothing, hats and bags. In an interior setting the translucent nature of the fabrics is a perfect partner where there is a light-source, natural or otherwise, or where there is a need for blinds, screens or dividers. They have the industry standards and specifications to also be used on walls or for seating in a commercial or private environment.

LcD Collection 6
LcD Collection 3
LcD Collection 4
LcD Collection 1
LcD Collection 2