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Whitford House

Design Practice:

Cube Dentro

Project Title:

Whitford House

Project Location:

Auckland, New Zealand

Design Practice Location:

Auckland, New Zealand

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Whitford House

This beautiful residence is located in an affluent countryside hamlet in New Zealand. Cube Dentro was asked to embrace an earthy, organic and coveted design, using only the finest materials. “Bring us a statement kitchen, a bold design!” The result is an exciting workspace that exudes a strong sense of spirit and style. The space had to create its own narrative yet mingle comfortably among an industrial aesthetic. A hidden scullery was a prerequisite for the homeowners who enjoy entertaining. Plentiful storage was also requested and achieved through ceiling-height cabinetry. The location of the kitchen presented a challenge: to hero rather than obstruct the outdoor vistas. Careful configuration and placement of cabinetry has allowed the views to shine. The client’s discerning tastes and strong vision set against budget limitations, was a hard act to balance. Achieving an innovative design with many customised pieces is a rewarding outcome.

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