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Wan Wu Yun.Yun’an

Design Practice:

V.M Design

Project Title:

Wan Wu Yun.Yun’an

Project Location:

Beijing, China

Design Practice Location:

Beijing, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The feelings, behaviours, thoughts, functions and other needs of humans staying inside a space for a long time are the necessary considerations and the starting point of design. Designers convert their imagination about future life stories into design language and express the design about life stories from three aspects: art, culture and space. These three aspects correspond to spirit, heart and body respectively. Woven elements, which have strong immersive effect, are applied to furniture. Conventional and familiar perceptions are de-familiarised and presented to people in an innovative way. Tailored explorations, breaking, remodelling and release define a brand new spatial attribute.

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