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Vanke Chengdu Jingtang Guoshou Jiayuan Convaleascent Center

Design Practice:

Changemo Design

Project Title:

Vanke Chengdu Jingtang Guoshou Jiayuan Convaleascent Center

Project Location:

Sichuan, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Wenjiang Nong Gaoyuan Jinpu (Guoshou Jiayuan) is Vanke Group landing in Chengdu, in Wenjiang to create a southwest AIP pension demonstration project. Vanke has been committed to the field of pension exploration determination, hoping to give life to the natural universe order, demonstrating a yearning for a new ecology for the aged. Changemo, as a soft-fitting art organisation for this project, together with the Japanese expert Group AJN Design Co., has inspected a number of pension welfare projects, and has actually explored the living conditions and needs of the elderly groups in Chengdu. Focusing on project expression and original intention; a place of support for old school life, is a place to start a second life.

Before the design, Shenzhen Change-Mo Interior Design put ‘themselves’ into space. Because someday they too will be old.

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