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The Dumont

Design Practice:

Angel O'Donnell

Project Title:

The Dumont

Project Location:

London, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Angel O’Donnell was tasked with creating an interior that could echo the vibrancy, artistry, culture and colour of the epic London views that could be enjoyed from a large 18th floor apartment with a 2,200 sq ft roof terrace. They designed a lot of the joinery and furniture themselves. Everything from sumptuously soft bouclé-covered swivel chairs and jewel-toned sofas to upholstered walls and a bronze-clad fireplace was custom-made.

Wherever you turn, there’s something to catch your eye. Ceramics, line drawings, water colours, limited edition prints, specially-commissioned acrylics – even an African ceremonial crown – all made it into their design. The entrance hall also has a painterly quality to it, with acrylic artwork, gold leaf console table, hand-thrown bowl, brush-stroke effect wallpaper and sapphire blue velvet chair. Add to this, deep-hued wall coverings in every room, large throws, giant cushions, heavy window treatments – and the effect is quite dazzling.

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