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The Cosmos

Design Practice:

Kydo Keng-Yu Design Office

Project Title:

The Cosmos

Project Location:

Taichung City, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taipei City, Taiwan

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The Cosmos is a Kydo Keng-Yu Design Office project for Signet’s flagship property in Taichung. With the belief that design should accentuate “a sense for living”, it extends a sense of hospitality throughout the public spaces that are spread over the first three floors, as well as the rooftop. Designed not as discreet spaces but as an entire lifestyle, the space serves both residents and guests with an exceptional level of detail. The project is multi-layered, rich, and sensorial – to connect with both urban fabric and nature, and let all who pass through savour a sense of poetry, usually lost in everyday moments.

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