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Symphony of White

Design Practice:

Henri Liu Interior Design

Project Title:

Symphony of White

Project Location:

Taiwan, Taoyuan City

Design Practice Location:

Taiwan, Taipei City

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Symphony of White is a dental clinic located in an art centre. The design has created an atmosphere with a low-key luxury and relaxing style.

Henri Liu Interior Design used sound and shock absorbing materials to cover the surface of the space and to reduce echoes in the irregular shaped space. Curved furniture is widely used in the waiting area, a large round fish tank is placed as well. The image of fish swimming among the aquatic plants with light music might help patients forget where they are. To soothe patients’ tension,  lots of French windows were used which reduces the sense of suffocation.

Additionally, a power storage device and solar power panels were installed to absorb energy and shade sunlight at the same time. A RO water system was installed and the water filtered by the system would be used as both medical and drinking water. The medical water would be sterilized through the backwater system; the water temperature would be adjusted by the heat storage device of the solar power system according to different seasons. The backwater system helps maintain the indoor temperature because water flows behind the walls in the space. Therefore, this also reduces the use of air conditioning too. The materials used in the interior are all low-formaldehyde and antibacterial, allowing the users active in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.

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