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Super Muffato Santa Felicidade Omnichannel Design

Design Practice:

Opus Design

Project Title:

Super Muffato Santa Felicidade Omnichannel Design

Project Location:

Parana, Brazil

Design Practice Location:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Super Muffato Santa Felicidade project was made with the objective of creating an innovative physical store, in the omni-channel concept. The differential of this layout is the integration between technology and human experience through design, adding effective ways of operating the supermarket. The result was the most innovative Super Muffato store, a success in the current context, being also prepared for the future, able to serve customers who tend not to separate the online purchase from the physical in-store purchase.

Starting with a “fresh” concept, which was translated into an organic layout, generating the consumer’s journey with many sensory experiences in various sectors of the store, plus the store-in-store concept, with special furniture design.


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