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The Cave by Chef Ryan Clift

Design Practice:

UBD Caroline Usher

Project Title:

The Cave by Chef Ryan Clift

Project Location:

Denpasar, Indonesia

Design Practice Location:

Bali, Indonesia

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Over 25,000 years in the making.

Mother Nature has provided a stunning, living backdrop for a truly unique, immersive dining experience. Take your seats for a subterranean journey into luxury on the Island of the Gods.

Welcome to The Cave, Bali.

From the moment you begin to descend the spiral staircase, you are going back in time. Passing artefacts, temples and shrines that guide your path. As you reach the base of the Cave and first tread on its twinkling lava stone floor you become engulfed in a sense of wonder and magic.

Lighting, sound, fabrics, furniture and operations have all been uniquely delivered to meet the extraordinary challenges of an underground venue without compromising style.

This is a place at peace; where human design and natural design are in perfect harmony, where not a single detail has been spared to create the experience of a lifetime.


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