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Spring City 66

Design Practice:

Concept i

Project Title:

Spring City 66

Project Location:

Yunnan, China

Design Practice Location:

Bangkok, Thailand

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

PASSION FOR NATURE, CULTURE, LIGHT AND SPACE: “….a magnificent journey into natural materiality, art and cultural references, celebrating light and dancing with space”.

In 2017 Concept i was commissioned to carry out the interior design for Spring City 66 shopping mall, the single largest commercial complex in Kunming, China. At 430,000 sq m the mixed use development is the city’s latest landmark and the 9th Mainland project for Hang Lung Development. The 160,000 sq m mall hosts nearly 300 top retail, dining, lifestyle, and entertainment brands and is a ‘Total Lifestyle’ shopping, work and play environment. It opened in August 2019.

From the outset, Concept i aimed to capture subtle contextual and cultural emotions in the ambience of the interior design. A minimalist design aesthetic was developed, suitable for 1st line brand retailing, streamlined in its simplicity, yet passionate for natural materiality, art and cultural references.

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