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Seeking Deer

Design Practice:

Kris Lin International Design

Project Title:

Seeking Deer

Project Location:

Shanghai, China

Design Practice Location:

Shanghai, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The conversation area on the first floor is a two storey empty space. The designers break the definition of the space on the second floor with a large-scale floor-to-ceiling window, and break the dullness of the original solid wall with pure methods. A 6-meter-long art installation, “Deer of Life”, is set up in the second-floor window area. Guests can appreciate this mysterious “deer” through the window on the first floor. In the process of “seeking the deer”, the effects of interspersed scenery are produced visually, and different scenes will be presented if one goes further, so as to achieve space-to-space communication and dialogue between people and space.

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