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Progression of Ideas


08. Office Design Under 2,000 SqM - Asia Finalist

Design Practice:

RZ Interior Design

Project Title:

Progression of Ideas

Project Location:

Taoyuan District, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

This is a place where foreign and familiar images crystallize and their essence bursts through the atmosphere, manifesting a house of one’s dreams. In this progressive design, the retro wash color is an embodiment of the abstract ideas of the heart, and the various materials add texture and define the space that thus beckons one through the eyes to the soul.

Located in the heart of the egg yolk district in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, this commercial project rebrands the Yongqing Real Estate Company. The design concept blurs the boundaries between the different spaces to create a warm flow for the moving line. This warmth draws in customers looking for a residence. When traversing this area with dense commercial signs, they will be more inclined to stop by and stay to talk in this residence that evokes feelings of warmth and balance.

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