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Private Spa, Kazakhstan

Design Practice:

Hill House Interiors

Project Title:

Private Spa, Kazakhstan

Project Location:

Almati, Kazakhstan

Design Practice Location:

Surrey, United Kingdom

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A breathtaking 5,000 square foot spa and indoor pool in Kazakhstan, this detailed visualisation by Hill House Interiors depicts the ultimate in a soothing, zen-like space, dedicated to wellbeing. The spectacular design, befitting of the world’s most luxurious five-star hotels, was commissioned by a member of Kazakhstan’s royal family. The discerning client wanted something truly unique and aspirational, providing Hill House Interiors with the opportunity to really explore their creativity. The sumptuous spa was designed to be the ultimate private oasis, bold and contemporary in style. Complete with hair and nail salon, sauna, state-of-the-art gym and massage rooms, the client can enjoy the space both privately and as a spectacular entertainment space. With the distinct feel of a luxurious traditional Hammam, the personalised features of this Hill House-designed scheme also include a room devoted to Parenie, a traditional treatment using birch and eucalyptus twigs.

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