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Oriental Aesthetics Sales Office in Guiyang

Design Practice:

Matrix Design and Esperluette

Project Title:

Oriental Aesthetics Sales Office in Guiyang

Project Location:

Guizhou, China

Design Practice Location:

Chongqing, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The rivers from Longli in Guizhou, China, flow among forests, mountains and rising mist to create a magnificent natural atmosphere, a classical concept of oriental beauty. This project aspires to transcend the Chinese concepts of tradition and heritage and stand at the intersection between past and future through a doorway opened by design. In this way, the entire project desires to evoke the Longli of the past by embracing two abstract elements: clouds and water. At the same time, the design considers wind-activated art installations, like reflections of the future. Clouds, water and wind are all natural elements that, despite being portrayed in abstract forms, manifest the essence of the East, bringing to mind ancient classic poetry: “at the Dragon’s birthplace, the wind blows and water rises”.

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