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Zeng Fengfei Apparel Cultural Center

Design Practice:

Fancy Design

Project Title:

Zeng Fengfei Apparel Cultural Center

Project Location:

Xiamen, China

Design Practice Location:

Xiamen, China

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The interior design of Zeng Fengfei Apparel Cultural Center breaks free from the inherent flat thinking and draws on traditional Chinese gardening techniques to lay out a narrative of the “hall, corridor, bridge, lane and courtyard” scenes in miniature scale, creating the “fun in the garden” in the straight flowing lines of the vast and empty plant, and building a space that fits the design concept of the ZENG FENGFEI brand, which integrates multiple functions such as brand communication, socialization, exhibition and runway show. The natural and unconventional choice of materials for the space serves as a source for inspiration of the garden imagery, and also projects the unique garden scenes in a visitor’s mind. A true viewer knows that emptiness contains all things.

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