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Moody Atmosphere


KBB Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Detail by Davinia Sutton

Project Title:

Moody Atmosphere

Project Location:

Christchurch, New Zealand

Design Practice Location:

Christchurch, New Zealand

The ensuite was to integrate seamlessly into the architecture and the overall feel of the master wing – a private zone in which had to incorporate sophisticated reference to the client’s request for bathroom with a ‘moody boldness’.

While the overall result is a design that is modern and restrained by its clean lines, there is a clever play on design, with a sense of boldness and seductiveness seen throughout. The layout forms a practical space, while this ensuite may be dark and moody with the selection of materials and palette, it ensures the desired sense of luxury and ambience respecting the clients request for a modern approach with a sense of understated elegance.

SBID Award Ceremony

SBID Awards 2021

Entries for the 2021 edition of the SBID International Design Awards are now closed.

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