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AC Concept Office

Design Practice:

Anson Cheng Design

Project Title:

AC Concept Office

Project Location:

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Design Practice Location:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The AC Concept Office is a place serving VIP customers, as well as a multifunctional area for organizing conferences and activities, and as a model for the luxury apartment.

In order to perform as a showroom for the company, a variety of design elements is presented to the visitors, including materials, lighting types, furniture or other facilities. By collaborating different lines, shapes and patterns integrating into various combinations, they create numerous stunning visual effects that are complementary to each other.

With the aid of the smart home system applied in the Showroom, various types of lighting were implemented into the interior design so as to display different lighting effects, including colour variations and brightness. Smart home is employed as a convenient home setup where appliances can be automatically controlled remotely using mobile, allowing the user to control functions such as dimmable lighting, temperature, and speaker for a home theater.

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