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Mercedes Benz Autohaus

Design Practice:

Studio Lux

Project Title:

Mercedes Benz Autohaus

Project Location:

Washington, USA

Design Practice Location:

Washington, USA

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Mercedes Benz Autohaus 2

This major remodel of an existing automobile dealership included the addition of a new storefront showroom. Most interior spaces were demolished to the existing ceiling and floor plates; new partition walls were added and existing spaces other than the service garage were re‐purposed. Challenges included working around existing posts, ceiling obstructions including water pipes, fire sprinklers and HVAC ducting, and the addition of 24” to 36” HVAC ducting in the new showroom.

Mercedes‐Benz published a lighting design guide, with basic light fitting and illuminance level specifications, most of which were incompatible with Washington State Energy Code restrictions.

The owner charged the lighting design team to provide the most energy‐efficient, low maintenance lighting system possible, using LEED requirements as a guideline, although LEED certification was not being sought. The lighting designer worked with the local utility to secure an energy‐efficient lighting rebate, and provided information required by the Department of Energy for the Commercial Tax Rebate for energy‐efficient lighting design and equipment.

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