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Largo Elvezia


Residential Apartment Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

Maii Interiors

Project Title:

Largo Elvezia

Project Location:

Roma, Italy

Design Practice Location:

Roma, Italy

Federica Squillante Montoro, Maii’s principal designer took the task of transforming the outdated and neglected interior of a sprawling multi-level residential property in Rome’s exclusive Parioli neighbourhood into one that expressed l’Italianità. The term characterises the essence of Italian spirit pervasive in its Mediterranean culture.

Complete reconfiguration of the space by Maii’s design team in collaboration with the crafts expertise of skilled Italian artisans resulted in a home that exalted in the excellence of custom-made.

Rich fabrics and a vibrant colour palette – a defining tenet of Maii Interiors’ design philosophy – create a heightened sense of drama. From the unique use of materials; exquisite rare marble and massive blocks of travertine, to the manipulation of wood surfaces; textured and elaborated. Glass passage doors lend an unobtrusive gallery-esque preview to the interiors spaces that lie ahead. Together, they create intrigue and give rise to an elegance and edginess that is ubiquitous throughout.

SBID Award Ceremony

SBID Awards 2021

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