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The Line

Design Practice:

Studio Minosa

Project Title:

The Line

Project Location:

Wollongong, Australia

Design Practice Location:

New South Wales, Australia

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Studio Minosa was committed to reinventing this tired interior, set on the edge of a National Park perched on the top of the hill with its lovely ocean views.

Renovations can be tricky, working with existing architectural “features” and trying to squeeze a more modern lifestyle into a set of walls that cannot be expanded. This interior was dominated by its past, but this transformation will define its future.

A simple idea of dividing the space with its materiality and detailing has taken the focus off the existing architectural “features” and placed the focus firmly on its interior. Combined with thoughtful and considered spatial planning and a few secret doors this space is the sophisticated showstopper the clients dreamed off.

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