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Jinmao Residence Sales Center

Design Practice:

TT Design

Project Title:

Jinmao Residence Sales Center

Project Location:

Guangdong, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

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The project is located in Foshan, China. With convenient transportation, Zumiao Subdistrict is a core and mature residential quarter in the city. The project is the sales centre of a high-quality luxury residential development, with a total area of 1,800 m2.

The spatial design magnified the architectural volume visually, and made the sales centre looks more like a public leisure space, not just a building limited to sales functions. Modern and simplistic design languages were adopted to conceive the space, which provides greater inclusiveness for artwork display. The overall structure and composition of the space drew inspiration from Origami art. Besides this, light, shadows and shapes were utilised to produce artistic visual effects and ambience within the space. The design team adopted modern approaches to interpret and inherit the classic folk culture of Lingnan Region, while extending neatly-cut geometrical shapes from the outdoor garden and architectural facade to interior spaces.

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