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Interior Equilibrium

Design Practice:


Project Title:

Interior Equilibrium

Project Location:

Moscow, Russia

Design Practice Location:

Cherkas'ka, Ukraine

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The idea of the project was a balance between wood and stone, warm and cold, man and nature. The materials used in the design contribute to relaxation and take us to nature where wood, stone and green interact with each other. Additionally, the grey shades of the furniture and textiles continue the nature theme. The living room, together with dining area, and combined with kitchen and adjacent rooms, is part of an apartment with a total area of 98 square metres. This planning solution made it possible to arrange the maximum number of zones in an open space with natural lighting. It divides this space through construction that is the visual fencing and decoration of the project. Cold marble is contrasted with wooden panels, which are designed for this project. The contrast of materials achieves a balance of perception, which you sense from the moment you enter the apartment.

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