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Harmony between Past and Present


Club & Bar Design Finalist

Design Practice:

Yuan Heng Interior Design

Project Title:

Harmony between Past and Present

Project Location:

Taipei City, Taiwan

Design Practice Location:

Taipei City, Taiwan

In this private club, the narrow and long building form is separated horizontally with the centre as the axis, adopting two-way symmetrical design. The spatial layout is smooth and eclectic, containing a wine-tasting area, wine-storage area, banquet hall, Tripitaka library and a small relaxation area. The interior design is based on the theme of Buddhist classics and oriental style, fused with a unique, modern geometrically-cut light-belt design, showing a symbiosis of vintage and modern styles. The unique electric mechanism takes guests inside a hidden paradise featuring a sophisticated and luxurious spatial atmosphere which demonstrates the beauty of layers and variations.

SBID Award Ceremony

SBID Awards 2021

Entries for the 2021 edition of the SBID International Design Awards are now closed.

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