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Design Practice:

Greenpoint Technologies

Project Title:


Project Location:

Washington, United States of America

Design Practice Location:

Washington, United States of America

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Greenpoint curated the Retreat interior for a distinguished jetsetter focused on health and self-care priorities. The client requested a modern, serene, and nurturing interior with live greenery and sustainable details. Greenpoint Design drew inspiration from biophilic design and wellness trends to create the experience of a luxury spa retreat. The interior cabin achieves a modern, relaxing atmosphere ideal for the sophisticated world traveler. Each room offers an opportunity to unwind and relax, with advanced technology discretely concealed within the bespoke cabinetry. The interior seamlessly balances sustainable details, live greenery, and progressive, intuitive technology. The result is a wellbeing haven wherever you are in the world.

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