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Greenpoint Technologies’ BBJ 777X Lotus Interior Concept

Design Practice:

Greenpoint Technologies

Project Title:

Greenpoint Technologies’ BBJ 777X Lotus Interior Concept

Project Location:

Washington, United States

Design Practice Location:

Washington, United States

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The Boeing 777X offers ample space, range and comfort complementary to endless design possibilities. The Greenpoint design team collaborated with the end-client to create an interior reflecting their individual taste, culture and interests. The client envisioned a contemporary, yet functional, interior design with luxuries expected at the highest end of private air travel. The Greenpoint Design Team drew inspiration from Asian-Pacific cultures, incorporating celestial and organic elements into a spacious, reflective and welcoming interior. The design team defined and detailed furniture standards, modeled and sketched all interior elements, then applied lighting and soft materials such as fabrics, colours and textures to prepare the interior for client approval.

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