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Greenland Hong Kong Yuehu Academy

Design Practice:

Mind Design

Project Title:

Greenland Hong Kong Yuehu Academy

Project Location:

Guangdong, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

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Adhering to the principle of “Uphold Virtue, Strive for Perfection”, Mind Design has condensed the rational and philosophical concept from the Neo-Confucianism and aesthetics. In a rational and systematic insight, the romantic expression is based on nature, humanities and art, generalizing the spatial pattern into deeper pictograms and rhythms, achieving balance between spatial art and commercial value, and creating a clear and elegant realm.

Mind Design believes that, space design lies in not simply artistic creation, but also rational mapping of humanities. The design of Yuehu Academy is concerned with both real life and spiritual world. The design abstracts geo-humanism, oriental philosophy, and modern spirit, intermingling the literati way of life and rational aesthetics of Song Dynasty, presenting elegance and poetry.

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