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Global Insurance Company

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Global Insurance Company

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London, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

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Global Insurance Company

AIS took on an exciting challenge: designing a healthy and productive workplace, with a focus on staff wellbeing, that highlighted their client’s brand while working within strict corporate guidelines. By working with the interior architecture to define local and acoustically superior collaborative spaces, AIS was able to define the space in three concentric rings that radiate away from the central, light-filled atrium. This created a subtle but meaningful distinction between collaborative space, cellular offices and open plan. This innovative design allows employees to access collaborative spaces that are convenient to their workstations while managing acoustic problems that can arise in open plan environments. By placing an emphasis on intelligent design and a departure from traditional corporate layouts, AIS has succeeded in creating a unique home for their client’s staff that highlights the best of their past while providing support for their team’s future.

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