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Design Practice:

Ashton Bespoke

Project Title:


Project Location:

Surrey, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Hampshire, United Kingdom

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Ashton Bespoke collaborated closely with Applegate Homes to fulfil their aspirations. The goal was to deliver a living space that would be at the heart of the home and more than just a kitchen; Not just a space where the family could live together, but also an exquisite area for entertaining and a space that would complement and enhance the overall design scheme of the property. Ashton Bespoke believed that, to achieve this goal, the design process would have to deconstruct the traditional kitchen form, whilst still having due regard to the necessary standard elements and ergonomics, and introduce those elements and materials that would not commonly be seen within the kitchen ethos. This has unquestionably been captured in the flowing design, exceptional detailing and the use of exquisite materials.

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