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Art Gallery House

Design Practice:

Clara Lleal Interiorista

Project Title:

Art Gallery House

Project Location:

Badalona, Spain

Design Practice Location:

Badalona, Spain

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Art Gallery House is located in the historic centre of Badalona, a city near Barcelona.

One of the challenges when it came to the layout of the project was to strategically place the sculptures created by the owner of the house himself, the artist and sculptor Juanma Noguera. In short, an Art Gallery house.

In terms of general aesthetics, the idea was to give the whole space an industrial atmosphere, maintaining and recovering the building’s original materials. The solid brick walls were uncovered, the vaulted iron-beamed ceilings were respected, and areas with the original hydraulic pavement were maintained.

The materials used subsequently also follow this industrial premise, concrete, black iron sheet, herringbone floor of recovered wood, and teak wood furniture to break the cold of the greys.
Gaining maximum natural light was also one of the objectives of this project. Several skylights were opened in ceilings.

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