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Durham University MSCS Building

Design Practice:

Contents Design

Project Title:

Durham University MSCS Building

Project Location:

Durham, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Northumberland, United Kingdom

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The Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science faculties of Durham University are coming together to share this innovative new building on their campus in the historical city of Durham.

This new state of the art facility provides a lecture theatre, seminar rooms, an enterprise hub, café, event space, specialist labs, PHD offices, Professors offices, computer rooms, an internal street with breakout and social spaces.

The building is designed to promote collaboration across the subjects whilst creating dedicated space for individual research and contemplation.

The seamless interface of new technologies with flexible interior spaces provide innovative teaching and learning spaces.

This new state of the art facility provides a new chapter in the way that Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science work together and creates an exciting future for them both. The building allows anyone, regardless of ability, great access to one of the most innovative facilities for Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science.

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