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Crystal Lodge (North Wing)


Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design Finalist

Design Practice:

CHIL Interior Design

Project Title:

Crystal Lodge (North Wing)

Project Location:

British Columbia, Canada

Design Practice Location:

British Columbia, Canada

The Crystal Lodge North Wing refurbishment is a sensory walk-through Whistler’s past and present. CHIL Interior Design was commissioned by the client to create a brand-new design to update the 14-year-old rooms that tie-in perfectly with their new branding. The design reveals what made Whistler what it is today and encourages guests to create their own limitless mountain stories. Whether it’s one’s dreams to advance or simply just connect with nature, the past will inspire the present. The palette is influenced by natural materials that make up the foundation of local mountain terrains. The careful use of cedar and spruce wood tones create a comfortable and familiar warmth while the black lichen, granite rock, andesite and shale will influence the carpet and fabric palette. These materials seek to express a language that is not only identifiable to the area, but specific to the Canadian West Coast.

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