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Colvin Florist

Design Practice:

Roman Izquierdo Bouldstridge

Project Title:

Colvin Florist

Project Location:

Barcelona, Spain

Design Practice Location:

Barcelona, Spain

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

This project involves the conversion of a space that formerly housed a bank office into a florist for the startup Colvin, located in Barcelona. The inspiration for the design was to reinterpret a field of flowers with pathways under the shade of the trees. A new atmosphere has been created, where the natural and the man-made fuse.

An innovative flexible system formed by a series of wooden prism volumes meets the exhibition area functional needs. The custom-made trunks have different diameters and heights, displaying the colourful bouquets in unique bases that raise the flowers at eye level. These elements, apparently placed at random, completely fill the space in an organic and dynamic way while creating clusters that origin the circulation areas. The aim of the project is inviting each person to find his own way to get lost and interact with flowers by experiencing this new natural environment.

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