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David Chang Design Associate International

Project Title:


Project Location:

Beijing, China

Design Practice Location:

Beijing, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Cocottine is a new brand owned and operated by The Flo Group. Cocottine is located on second basement floor of the Parkview Green Shopping Mall in the heart of Beijing and offers high quality, authentic southern French and Mediterranean cuisine. The name comes from a French word Cocotte. Cocotte is a popular type of French cooking ware pots made from enamelled iron which is loved by chefs, and restaurants around the world. Cocotte is also a small heatproof round dish in which individual portions of food can be cooked and served. The beauty of the Mediterranean in the south of France was the inspiration for the design of the Cocottine. The open space structure surrounded by flowers and green plants with delicate and exquisite decorations serves as the preparation for a charming dining experience that is about to unfold.

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