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China Jinmao Ji Nan

Design Practice:

Serendipper Design

Project Title:

China Jinmao Ji Nan

Project Location:

Shandong, China

Design Practice Location:

Beijing, China

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In the modern life, each of us has our own unique and individual character. The design of a space should not be confined to a certain style, and as Serendipper Design claims, to understand elegant luxury, the taste of material and spiritual pursuit, upper spheres of design philosophy are advocated for with the spirit of space as a kind of irreplaceable cultural temperament.

If space is a kind of praise to life, then art is worthy of annotation to this praise. The creation of artistic spaces is the sense of ritual given by Jinmao Mansion & Ji Nan to the local elite life in Jinan. Serendipper Design constructs a new attitude of contemporary luxury life through the architectural vocabulary; moving line arrangement in the space and creating different spatial interactions through the shape of the volume and so on.

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