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Century Group – Southlands


18. Show Flats & Developments - Americas Finalist

Design Practice:

Bob's Your Uncle Design

Project Title:

Century Group – Southlands

Project Location:

Tsawwassen, Canada

Design Practice Location:

Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Bob’s Your Uncle (BYU) Design Ltd was selected to provide interior architecture, furnishings and accessories for Century Group’s masterplan community, Southlands, highlighting BYU’s expertise in creating appealing and functional spaces.

The project encompassed a Discovery Centre plus a residential component of two phases of townhomes, cottages, and single-family dwellings.

Initially the Discover Centre was the sales center and, as the plan also included a Market District, it was slated to be repurposed as a grocery store or restaurant. The residential portion blended contemporary simplicity with traditional farmstead design with open outdoor spaces and trails connecting residents to the beach.

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