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Casa Marba

Design Practice:

RS Interiores & IDA SRL

Project Title:

Casa Marba

Project Location:

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Design Practice Location:

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

This project is all about gathering the essential organic textures that make up the earth and creating an Ambience true to nature.
RS Interiores utilized thin laser cut Mara wood plywood for the ceiling, resulting in a warm finish. The design team selected furniture that embodied a lighter Sensation and due to its design you have a feeling that it’s floating.
Colors like green, terracotta, browns & ochre were predominantly used to embrace earth like tones.
RS Interiores faced a challenge creating a textured pattern on the wall of the study, this led us to use an innovative tool for its creation. Using a comb with combination of sand and plaster we were able to evoke the exact feeling in the room, this technique was later painted in a hue of green.
Regarding the light design the team chose to go completely LED, focusing direct and indirect lighting to create shadows or luminosity where required.

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