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Auspicious Cloud

Design Practice:

NNS Design Consultants

Project Title:

Auspicious Cloud

Project Location:

Guizhou, China

Design Practice Location:

Beijing, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The building is designed in a post-modern style with a perfectly streamlined exterior that combines aesthetics, comfort, practicality and environmental features; the result is a personalised, high-tech modern look. Music is a flowing building, and architecture is a solidified music. This project takes the sales process and translates it into the structure of music, starting, inheriting, transferring and combining four-sentence block music passages, corresponding to display, experience, communication and intention. The project considers how to integrate the relationship between people, architecture and nature. It is a way of life and even a way of thinking. It interprets natural elements such as mountains, forests, waterfalls and meadows, integrating material and spiritual resonance with spatial streamlining in a natural, harmonious way.

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