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Atlantis Sanya

Design Practice:

Jeffrey Beers International

Project Title:

Atlantis Sanya

Project Location:

Hainan, China

Design Practice Location:

New York, United States

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The resort’s design, a collaboration between JBI and HBA, evokes images of the sea and immerses guests in an otherworldly experience of marine life. “Visitors will be treated to a completely immersive experience that celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of aquatic life and its source,” said Jeffrey Beers. The resort also features artwork by local Chinese artists and the furnishings all over the resort are accented with Hainan province’s native hardwoods such as Zitan, Hongmu, and Jichimu. Rising from the majestic South China Sea on tropical Hainan island, Atlantis’s first resort in China promises to take guests and visitors on an unparalleled journey into the magical depths of the ocean. From incredible marine habitats to exclusive guest rooms and suites to never-before-seen restaurants, Atlantis Sanya’s innovative design blends modern aesthetics and sea-inspired imagery with elements from Sanya’s rich culture, giving the resort the enchanting look and feel of an aquatic paradise.

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