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Apartment in Essex

Design Practice:

Diego Correa Interior Design

Project Title:

Apartment in Essex

Project Location:

Essex, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Apartment in Essex

This home is designed for a gentleman who loves the 1950s and 1960s. The idea of creating a constant visual pleasure when moving from room to room was very important not just because it would create dynamism (which in itself is appealing) but because it would make the apartment look and feel bigger. This was achieved without sacrificing the visual and functional flow thanks to the care and time invested choosing the furniture and designing the bespoke pieces. The use of rosewood and dark woods in the rooms and the sourcing of vintage pieces and lighting add charm to the flat, placing it in the period desired by the client. A contemporary touch was added by materials such as the wallpaper and the table lamps, which have that interesting duality between retro and contemporary. Finally, the art and accessories were chosen for reinforcing the general look and interests of the owner.

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