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Design Practice:

HBA, Beirut Lebanon

Project Title:


Project Location:

Beirut, Lebanon

Design Practice Location:

Beirut, Lebanon

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Amethyste 1

Set within the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, this project was essentially implemented to uplift the once hot spot of Beirut into today’s market. Over time, the space had lost its punch, but the fantastic views to the sea offered the perfect backdrop to transform the area once again. The client wanted to create various experiences for hotel guests and locals alike. From this brief, HBA planned various zones – an entry point, pool terrace, dining, chillout/lounge area, a cocktail bar, a shisha smoking lounge, and even a small kids area for family guests.

Our inspiration was revolved around the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights as well as the colour purple itself. HBA were drawn to the tales and found the treasures and cultural influences a point of interest. They were instantly captivated with the jewel toned purple colour that seemed prevalent throughout various illustrations and interpretations of the tales. When doing a bit more research, they discovered the colour purple was actually first produced by an expensive dye called Tyrian Purple – originating in Lebanon. It all seemed to click and purple became our feature colour. When visiting the flea markets in Paris, a bowl of amethyst stones became the point of inspiration for the branding. Spelled in French due to the strong influences which still remain in Beirut, “Améthyste” also offered a satirical link as the origin of the word translates in Greek as “not drunken”. Seemed a perfect twist for our cocktail bar!

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