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Yuno Office

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Yuno Office

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Minimalist elegance combined with an innovative design concept: yuno office adopts all the positive features of a folding table whilst avoiding its weaknesses. yuno office thus pioneers an entirely new generation of flexible workstation perfectly suited to creative and co-working spaces. yuno office stacks easily and compactly without the need to fold the frame, meaning a significant time saving when setting up and dismantling workstations. The tables can be stacked in an upright position or laid upside down on the floor or on the transport platform. Up to 10 tables can be stacked on the transport trolleys thus providing space-saving storage.

To make handling even easier, small castors are integrated into the glides so the tables do not need to be carried around. If lifted slightly on one side, they can be rolled from the transport trolleys to where they are needed. This feature means the tables can be transported and stacked by just one person. What is particularly clever about yuno office is that when setting up in rows, the tables can be interlocked longitudinally without extra linking devices. This is due to its special interconnecting frame which allows a bench of any length to be created.

A single or double plug-in box can be mounted onto the tables, its powder-coated metal casing, provides connections for power such as sockets and USB ports. The plug-in box also serves as a lockable storage compartment for personal belongings and valuables. There are also four styles of privacy screens upholstered in different fabrics and a black fabric modesty panel that does not require tools for mounting or removing. All these elements transform the yuno table into a fully-fledged workstation in next to no time. yuno office is a simple, comprehensive and flexible solution that combines work surfaces, privacy, storage and cable management.

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